Marking knives with personnel numbers

The Knives are subject to very high stress in daily use. Since the employees cut whole pigs in large quantities, the cutting edge wears out quickly. The knives therefore have to be re-sharpened very often.

After sharpening there where often mistakes and employees no longer got their knives back, but that of a colleague.

To solve this problem, the knives are now clearly assigned with the personnel number of the employees. This is where the mobile, battery-operated marking system FlyMarker mini 65/30 comes in. The mobile and simple application makes it easier to mark the knives even in difficult-to-mark areas. The innovative extra strong magnet enables markings that are deep enough to be readable even in hardened steel.
With the 65 x 35mm marking area it is possible to mark even long personnel numbers conveniently and simply at the push of a button. Alternatively, a larger marking area is also available.