FlyMarker mini 65/30: Most likely the lightest, battery operated hand-held marking unit

The new hand-held marking system FlyMarker mini 65/30 made its debut at the trade fair EMO 2015 in Milano. The fourth generation of the mobile dot peen marker can be described as a new milestone in the history of the battery operated hand-held marking units. The new FlyMarker mini 65/30 builds on the strengths of the proven previous models and convinces with its light weight and its compact design as well as also due its unique introduction price.

Next to this attractive price price-performance ratio, the hand-held marking system for durable and unforgeable markings is characterized by its light weight of only 2.7 kg and its high-quality construction. The marking unit convinces with fast marking times, a self-explanatory and intuitively to operate software and a dirt-resistant keyboard, which is very durable compared to a membrane keyboard. The housing is made of glass fibre reinforced plastic and is with this more break resistant than for example housings from die-cast aluminum.

Due to the numeric keys which are directly integrated in the keyboard, numbers which are often used in industrial applications can be typed in directly without accessing a submenu of the software. This means an enormous time saving for the operator during operation. Characters and numbers as well as individual company logos, test symbols or Data Matrix Codes can be marked.

The FlyMarker mini 65/30 has an ideal centre of gravity which is designed for the mobile use. Due to its ergonomic design, the device sits perfectly in the hand and an effortless operation is possible, also in vertical work positions. An additional handle is mounted on the front face of the marking system. This handle allows an ergonomic two-hand operation and an even easier, precise and secure positioning of the marking system on the work piece to be marked. Slipping away during the marking process can be avoided. If there is less space between work pieces, the second handle at the front face of the system can be dismounted easily.

Thanks to the less weight, this marking unit can be carried through the works premises directly to the work piece to be marked - just like it happens day by day with a common cordless screwdriver. This is very helpful when big and unmovable work pieces need to be marked. For the transportation to another construction site or a different hall, the practical carrying case can be used. The scope of supply contains two Lithium-Ion-Batteries. With this, time consuming marking tasks can be done without interruption.

The powerful Lithium-Ion-Battery enables a completely mobile work with the FlyMarker mini 65/30. Tripping hazards due to power cables or cables for compressed air supply as well as accidents at work due to common stamping tools belong to the past.

The marking force of the solenoid which was especially developed for mobile marking purposes can be adjusted individually to the material and the needed marking depth. Nearly all materials can be marked – from plastics, aluminum, stainless steel up to hardened steel. Subsequent processing such as sand blasting, coating, and so on mean not a problem in most cases. The marking remains visible.

The high class marking result of the FlyMarker mini 65/30 can be achieved due to the stable and long-life mechanics. The high-quality linear guides in x- and y-direction are double guided. Compared to systems with a swinging axle, it is with the FlyMarker mini 65/30 possible to create very precise multi line markings. The marking area of 65 x 30 mm can completely be used. Due to a continuous, solid and robust base support with integrated positioning plate, a high mechanical stiffness can be guaranteed.

The software can be operated intuitively through to the clearly designed and easy to understand software. Latest processor technologies are used and with this a fast navigation and quick access times to the marking files is possible. There are many language versions available for the FlyMarker mini 65/30 which makes the operation for users all over the world very easy.

Helpful commands such as variables for time, date or auto numbering are already included in the standard scope of delivery. Via the practical preview function it is possible to picture the marking file in the high resolution LC colour display before the marking process will be started. With this incorrect markings can be avoided and are almost impossible.

The internal memory of the hand-held marking system offers space for several hundreds of marking files, fonts and logos which can easily be imported and exported using the USB-interfaces of the unit. These interfaces can also be used for optional available accessories as for example a barcode scanner. The content of a barcode can with this be read very quickly into the system and the characters and numbers can be marked with preset configuration on the work pieces.

Two prisms on the positioning plate of the FlyMarker mini 65/30 help to mark round work pieces very easily (radial and axial). Height differences up to 5 mm can be compensated. With this also uneven work pieces can be marked in a constant marking depth. For special application as for example marking round work pieces on the face, etc. several optional accessories are available. Integrated threaded holes on the positioning plate enable also to mount customized equipment.